pulsating circle

I’m looking for ideas for drawing a pulsating circle around a selected billboard primitive. What would be the best approach? Create a custom renderer? Use existing primitives and apply some kind of animation similar to the animations examples on Sandcastle? Overlay with a dom element even though it’s probably not a good idea since it will still be visible if it’s on the other side of Earth? Any other ideas/suggestions?



You should be able to create another billboard (or billboards) and change the scale over time to do the pulsing. It’s been a while since I looked at our animation system, but if you need to string together animations, it might need some updates or it might be better to use Tween.js directly. To do what is in the video that Christian showed, once a billboard gets large enough and fades out, you would reset its scale and alpha to keep the animation going.



when I was searching for an image to show what I wanted, I came on this as well. love it.

Is it possible to turn off picking on the billboards that are doing the pulsing?

Call setShow(false) before you pick and then setShow(true) after. Longer term, I’m considering adding a “pickable” flag to all the primitives, but it’s not priority right now.