Put Terrain in one single file

i kindly ask for some help with CesiumJS.

Actually i have a project, where i load some terrain files from my localhost.
Therefor i uploaded my DEM file to cesium ion. Downloaded the zip and unzipped it to a folder on my localhost. It contains lots of folders, terrain-files and of course the layer.json.
This works perfectly.

But now i want store all those files in a single package-file, maybe like myterrain.terraindb. I don’t want to keep all the single files on my localhost.

Does anyone know a way how to achieve that. I’ve tried to load de zip file, also tried to rename the zip to .terraindb (as mentioned in another forum) but i can’t get it to work.
Maybe someone has an idea how to do that.

Hi there,

.terraindb are actually sqlite3 databases, not just zip files. However, the schema is not documented anywhere to my knowledge.

I believe there is no single file served statically that will work here. You’ll either need the individual files on a static server, or a specialized server which can serve .terraindb files. Cesium does have some products to do the later, but they are paid products. Contact sales@cesium.com to learn more.

Thanks for your help. Then i will use the individual files on my static server. Thx

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