Query String queryToObject splitting both & and ;

Is there a use case where people are actively using urls in vector layers where the ; character from a query string is providing value? I am seeing the opposite and have had to remove that extra ; character from the split in the queryToObject js file.

My use case is from AWS S3 presigned urls - using signature version 4 urls to pull data into Cesium breaks this because of this extra ; character in the split.

Here is some AWS documentation including ; characters in the url but they need to stay with the specific query string parameter otherwise they break the signature from s3: Create a signed AWS API request - AWS Identity and Access Management

According to this RFC ; is a valid separator. Is it possible to encoding the string?

If data for a URI component would conflict with a reserved
character’s purpose as a delimiter, then the conflicting data must be
percent-encoded before the URI is formed.

That would explain why it is in the source code for Cesium - thanks this is helpful