So, what’s the oldest version of Cesium.js that supports Firefox ESR 38?

Is there a way to load a wireglobe if the tile server fails?

like this…

Image result for wire globe with countries

I don’t know for sure, but going by the following dates:

merge date
Firefox 39
Firefox 31.5
Firefox 38
Firefox 31.4
Firefox 37
Firefox 31.3
Firefox 36
Firefox 31.2

You can take a look at the downloads page to see the dates of the releases and do some trial and error.

We do have a way to turn on wireframe for the globe, but it’s not part of the public API and is designed to be for debugging:

globe._surface.tileProvider._debug.wireframe = true;

It will still make the imagery requests unless you remove the imagery provider, see the Imagery Layers Tutorial.



Great. Thanks. But, if your asking for features, it would be nice to load SVG as a map source. Please and thank you.

You should be able to render the SVG to a canvas element, then create a data url from the canvas, and use that url as the source for a SingleTileImageryProvider.

ah, nice. thanks!!