Questions about converting GLTF files to 3D Tiles

Hello, I have questions about converting GLTF to 3D Tiles.

  1. Can I use the name value of GLTF format in 3D-tiles(converted from .glb file)?

The file I want to use is “IFC to GLTF (.glb) to 3D-tiles” file. In the GLTF file, the GUID value of the IFC File is saved as name. Also, I can access and control each mesh in the GLTF using these values. However, after the conversion to 3D-tiles, the names of the mesh objects are all changed to ‘mesh_0’. Is there any way to convert to 3D-tiles without changing the name property of GLTF format?

  1. Is it possible to convert to 3D tiles while maintaining the mesh objects of GLT?

I have to control the mesh objects in the GLTF (color, transparency, etc.). However, when a GLTF file with about 900 mesh objects is converted to 3d tiles, the file has only 8 mesh objects. Is there a way to convert without changing the number of mesh objects? Or is there a way to access mesh objects before conversion in 3d tiles?


Can you link to the tools you are using? I am not completely sure if you are using Cesium ion or not.