Raster Overlay Decals


I’m looking to create a different approach to Raster Overlays for Unreal.

The idea is that instead of applying the overlay onto the 3D Tileset, the raster overlay is projected into the scene using a decal actor.

This would allow for the overlaying of critical data such as planning overlays to be shown over the top of 3D modelled static meshes and other actors which are not Cesium Tilesets.

I have had a quick look and it seems like it should be possible by implementing the same way that the current RasterOverlay component works but instead modifying for use of a Decal Actor.

Any thoughts or if anyone else has attempted this, it would be helpful to know.


Hi @V2i, I don’t have much insight to offer there, but I think that’s really interesting and look forward to hearing about how it goes!

Hi @Kevin_Ring and @V2i,

I don’t know much about decals either, but the only thing I would watch out for are the projection discrepancies between how decals work vs raster overlays. I’m almost positive the decal system is probably doing an orthographic projection within a user defined box. Bing imagery for instance, would have to be reprojected from Mercator to local orthographic projection on the fly to be rendered as a decal, which I assume would be pretty expensive.

As far as custom vector or overlay data though, the decal system definitely might be a better option than the raster overlay system! Keep us updated!