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Hi All,

I just want to know, if there any specific Resium Community link or group?

let me know if you all know it…

Thanks a lot…

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I looked through the resium website and was not able to find a community forum. For bugs and issues, my best guess would be to post them on their GitHub page. With regards to questions, I would recommend first going through the getting started guide. If your question persists, you should post it as a GitHub issue.

I am not a member of the resium development team, these are just my suggestions as a Cesium dev and someone who has read through their website. When in doubt, resium’s contribution page is a great resource for these types of questions. Resium-related posts on the Cesium Community Forum are also a terrific resource. Here are a few of my favorite threads:

@Mark_Erikson seems to be a particularly knowledgeable community member on this topic.


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/me waves

Yeah, I have a lot of experience with Cesium itself over the years (albeit in a couple specific applications), and I’m an expert on React overall.

I unfortunately didn’t get to seriously use Resium for real - we were going to use it in a rewrite of that existing app, but the project got canceled right before we got to that step. Still, everything I’ve seen on the Resium site indicates it’s the best option for using Cesium and React together.

I did do some proof of concept work with Resium, and it was trivial to use it just like any other React component library, including pulling data from a Redux store and rendering billboards/labels based on that data.

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Thanks for the great answers.

Actually i have a problem. I’m currently not able to call/read my terrain data that i had uploded on
CesiumIon into my React App using Resium.

Could you give me an example how to do it in resium…

Above my data, I have the ID. I noticed the default code there. For sure its need to modify to call it in resium…