Reality Tiler for 3D 1.1 Tiles: KTX2 textures & Input formats

Does the new reality tiler use ETC1S, UASTC, or both, for compressing textures (can we specify)?
Looks like only gltf/objs inputs are supported at the moment - is there a plan to include fbx as input?


Just to confirm you talking about the tiler command line and not the one run through the Cesium ion platform online, correct?

Currently FBX is only supported through Cesium ion online. However we are considering adding support for additional formats to the command line version.

For both command line and Cesium ion tilers the texture compression is using ETC1S. There is currently no way to specify this, however it may be added in the future. Are you able to provide any more details about your use case for specifying the texture compression? That will help inform our future roadmap.

And just in case you were not aware, here is a link to the documentation for the new reality tiler command line.