Reference Documentation for KML support

Is there a reference document for what KML parameters are supported? KML that I created in Google Earth includes some attributes not supported by Cesium - but I can’t find the documentation that says what is supported by Cesium. Kind of like for GIS :slight_smile:

In general, I’ve found the tutorials immensely helpful but then I always like to have reference documents to learn all about the extra stuff…


Are you trying to view the KML in CesiumJS? If so this post would be better in the CesiumJS forum. I can move it if that is the case.

If you are seeing issues with the KML only when uploaded to Cesium ion, and not locally, then please let us know some additional information information (the last two could also be helpful for the Cesium JS forum as well).

  • What is the asset id?
  • What is the source of this data?
  • What are the parameters you have having trouble with?


Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

This is a request for documentation. KML is a complex definition language - and not all KML readers and writers support the whole definition. This is a very common issue with HTML - and usually the browser vendors provide information on what tags they support and what they don’t support. I was hoping that Cesium might have such documentation regarding KML.

Attached is a KML file produced by using the web version of Google Earth and drawing polygons - if you open it up as a text file you will see the complexity.

Chicago Districts.kml (20.4 KB)

In Google Earth it renders as a set of seven translucent polygons with styled lines.

In ION (on the “MyAssets” page) it renders as an opaque white shape.

I’m not so much asking anyone to “fix” Cesium as I’m asking for documentation so that I can produce KML that will be well rendered by Cesium.

Does that help?

p.s. please feel free to move this to whichever forum you think is best suited for the question!


FYI, I’m currently using the UE plugin but will also be using the JS library in the future. The problem I’m trying to solve now is what input formats are most suitable to create a workflow for my content creators and end users.