Remove latitude and longitude from tables

Hello. Cesium automatically adds latitude, longitude and altitude to a 3D model’s table. How do I remove them and stick to the fields in the ExtendedData tag?

Can you provide an example Sandcastle/screenshots of what you are referring to? Ideally, the screenshot would show the 3D model’s table that you mentioned and the type of 3D model you’re working with.

Hi sorry I only saw this now but it is still relevant.

Click on one of the antennas and you’ll see what I mean.

There is not a straightforward way, but you can replace the feature table with your own like in this example or set the feature to undefined. This can only be done programmatically via the CesiumJS API though, it looks like you are using Cesium Stories, which does not yet support editing metadata.

Thanks that is probably the answer I was looking for. The story was just to show an example of what I meant. So long as there is a way to do it in CesiumJS it should be fine.