Scene updateDerivedCommands() -> useLogDepth

cesium 1.46.1

chrome 68.0.3440.7

When I use 1.43 it is okay,The effect is OK, looks like the figure below

When I switch to 1.46, the effect chart below

In the 1.46 version, when I set useLogDepth to false, the result is correct, but there will be the following chart

Is this a bug?

Hi there,

It looks like this is a regression after we introduced log depth to our camera. There’s an issue open for it in GitHub (#6652). I’ll bump it with your report here, and if you have anymore information on tracking down why this is occurring, we’d appreciate it!



Hello! This issue was just fixed in this pull request:
The fix will be included in the 1.47 release available on July 2nd.