Serverside 3D Tile Cache?

We are interested in interactive 3D visualizations, in particular in our case, where the 3D Tiles require some computation based on an aggregation function of the raw data. In some respects, I see it is an analogous to 2DTiles with perhaps some complex stylization rules, or filtering, where it'd be beneficial to take advantage of any one of the common open source 2D tile caches. We've been most familiar with using GeoWebCache but there are others very similar. Essentially, its a server-side component that acts as a proxy between the visualization and the tile engine. It can consult a persisted cache before requesting new tiles, with a seeding operation to pre-build portions of the cache. Does something like this exist for 3D tiles and perhaps I just missed it? If not, is it a fair analogy between what we often do with 2D tiles and what we may want to do with 3D tiles? Or am I over-simplifying and over-generalizing in drawing that analogy between 2D and 3D tiles?

We're just trying to understand if something exists, and, if not, if it is of value as a generalized capability. Thanks!

I haven’t come across a 3D tile specific cache. I guess the one big difference between traditional 2D styling and 3D styling is runtime styling and filtering is actually quite cheap in 3D, so the idea of caching 3D tiles to reduce compute cost doesn’t really apply as much.

This is just my perspective from working with 3D data so far, but it’s possible there are cases I’m forgetting about.