Shapefile Conversion and App API

Hello everyone,

This is my first time here on the community forum. Please let me know if this is posted in the wrong category.

  1. Does Cesium support shapefile uploads? If not, is this feature in the works?
  2. Is FME the only other option available to convert from shapefile to an acceptable format? Is there an open source, Cesium provided app or any other viable methods to quickly and efficiently convert shapefiles?
  3. In our app, we want to add features to all property locations. Is that functionality built in Cesium where we can customize and create features within the 3D world on every property?
  4. Utilizing geodatabase metadata, we would like to add this information to each owned property. Is this functionality available?
  5. Will the application be able to display a large area map without losing quality or contain noticeable slowdown? Does Cesium only displays a city or specific area at a time?