skyAtmosphere doesn't appear on mobile browsers

Hi people,

it's my first post here, the forum has been really helpful as I move from GE plugin to Cesium. I guess we will talk more often from now on. So straight to the point now:

I noticed that I get different sky color when viewing my website on a Macbook Air (irrespective of the browser) and on a LG Nexus 5 (again irrespective of browser). On the laptop the atmosphere is blue with nice gradients, but on the phone the atmosphere is dead black.

I am not sure as to what I can do for the atmosphere to show up on the phone. The following doesn't do the trick:
viewer.scene.skyAtmosphere = new Cesium.SkyAtmosphere();

Thank you.


I’ve added a note about the atmosphere not rendering on mobile to this issue:

I’m not sure what would be causing this problem, but hopefully someone can take a look at it soon.



Thanks Hannah,

Seeing how much time back this issue was submitted I’m not particularly relieved by the prospects of a swift solution, but I thank you nevertheless. I hoped that the error was on my side and that there would be a setting which I would have missed to address. So from my understanding, this is an issue also present on your mobile platforms regardless of the website running cesium. Am I correct?


Hi Nikos,

Yes, I think it’s a bug on Cesium. We’re planning to look into a mobile issue with the sun for next release, so maybe we’ll look into the atmosphere problem as well.