Start a project on part of the earth only instead of entire earth

I am totally new to cesium, and I have explored through all the showcases and I am curious is it possible to start a project with only a portion of earth, e.g. create models around an area of airport only, with all the 3D terrains shown and OSM buildings or that area only.
Thank you.

Welcome to the Cesium community!

You can configure the camera to start at a specific location, like in this code example:

Is that what you mean? What kind of project are you doing with Cesium?

Thank you for the reply. I meaning instead of configure the camera to start at specific location, is it possible that it starts with only a specific portion of earth, like only start with the 3D map for a city. I tend to start a project of simulating multiple drone operation within a city area.

Is your goal to prevent the viewer from moving outside of that initial location? Or to reduce the data consumption of your app? CesiumJS will only load the content in the given view, so no data is loaded outside the city until you move the camera there.

You could use clipping planes to isolate just a section of the globe, see the example here:

Or write some code to detect when the camera exits a certain volume and bring it back.

Thank you very much, it is an excellent demostration, that’s what I wanted. Really appreciate your help in introducing this function to me.