Starter template not running as expected

Hi, everyone. I am new to cesium.js
When I started by quick start guide, I clone the starter sample from Cesium Webpack Example, and run the following commands:
npm install
npm start
as instructed. But when I type ‘npm start’, every time I am getting the message saying: ‘node_modules’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I tried different solutions, but didn’t work

Hi @I_M,

Thank you for your question. I found this thread on stack overflow that might be helpful.

I recommend deleting the node_modules folder and re-running the command npm install before running npm run build and npm start. What are some solutions that you have tried so far?


Thank you for your reply. First, I deleted and reintalled node modules and run the scripts but it didn’t work. But when I changed the start script from “node_modules/.bin/webpack serve --config webpack.config.js --open” to “webpack serve --config webpack.config.js --open” it worked. I think it is working locally without node_modules. I checked the paths, and changed environment variables as well, but the problem is with node_modules.


I am happy to hear that you were able to build and run the starter code. Thank you for sharing your workaround.