Streaming Demo of cesium client

Over the last month I put together a demo for my company of an entity that moves through the world and becomes aware of it’s surroundings. CesiumJS has been great to show the agents in the digital image of the real world. I put it up on twitch since that is the best way to keep the tile usage costs low and allows for a shared experience. We are streaming from a Ubuntu instance on AWS.

It switches every 2 minutes between characters

I am really far from being a cesium expert, the camera drive (GTA 5 inspired) for the switch between characters for example has been difficult and is not perfect, also the placement of the 3d entity is tricky and doesn’t work well on non-flat surface. Also some places have no 3d tiles of course.

Looking for feedback,
Stan Wiechers

Thanks for sharing @whoisstan! A very unique application!