Support for USDZ format soon?

Since this format is becoming the norm today, is the team at Cesium planning to build this in as a viable import option for the framework ion et al?

@Aikiman We are keeping an eye on USD’s rapid growth and work with it ourselves in Cesium for Omniverse. We feel that USD/glTF/3D Tiles interoperability are a big part of not only Cesium’s goals of open standards, but important to the industry as a whole.

While we have nothing concrete to announce at this time, we do see supporting USD uploads to Cesium ion as a natural evolution of both USD and Cesium ion.

When we have more to share, we’ll be sure to come back and update this post with details.

That’s great news, looking forward to development in this area.

To add my 2cents worth - adding the ability to upload USD models into Cesium ion and then being able to display that model with CesiumJS would be incredibly powerful in the AEC space.

I see the use case where most of the surrounding world context would be OSM buildings with one or two buildings of interest replaced with higher detailed USD based models.

This is all possible today - but (a) I want to do it all with a web app front end & (b) I want it to be as seemless as possible.

A boy can dream - right? :slight_smile:

You may both be interested in today’s big announcement which is a major step towards glTF / USD / 3D Tiles interoperability: Cesium Joins the Alliance for OpenUSD – Cesium


Thats excellent news, well done Team Cesium!