svg on wms?

I am trying to add this wms server
with svg imagery. It works ok with png, but when I change the format to svg+xml the developer tools console returns Failed to obtain image tile. I’m adding the wms server to Cesium using these options:
        layers.addImageryProvider(new Cesium.WebMapServiceImageryProvider({
            url: '’,
            layers: ‘6’,
            getFeatureInfoParameters: {
                info_format: ‘text/html’
            parameters: {
                service: “WMS”,
                version: “1.1.1”,
                request: “GetMap”,
                styles: “”,
                enablePickFeatures: true,
                format: “image/svg+xml”,
                transparent: “true”

The server works in svg mode in QGIS. I used fiddler to sniff QGIS's requests to try to compare with Cesium's:,-46.04080211883795215,-4.888609508661574843,-44.74422999465372897&CRS=EPSG:4326&WIDTH=894&HEIGHT=589&LAYERS=6&STYLES=&FORMAT=image/svg%2Bxml&DPI=96&MAP_RESOLUTION=96&FORMAT_OPTIONS=dpi:96&TRANSPARENT=TRUE

Am I missing a parameter, or something like that? Does Cesium support svg tiles from a WMS server?

As said before, it works fine with png. Should I just use png, or is there any real advantage in using svg tiles?

I'm using cesium 1.36.0, node 6.11.1 and electron 1.6.11.

Hi Arthur,

I believe Cesium only supports JPG and PNG formats for imagery. I am not sure what the advantage of using SVG vs PNG tiles, maybe the community could chime in if they have any knowledge.



Thanks, Gabby. It works fine for me with png, so I guess I’ll keep using that.

It could be used for streaming SVG, processing to filter out only relevant data, dynamic styling etc, but probably the most important is to filter out background maps, which are often opaque in raster images. The possibilities are plenty.
I work on a cluster of IBL WMS servers, they’re fast and produce and we would love to be able to render SVG. I’d be happy to help too :slight_smile: