switch from model to billborad on change from 3d to 2d view ?

Hii, I noticed that 3d models dissapiers after the transation from 2d to 3d view.

Is there a way to specify a billborad that will show on the change ?


Models in 2D (as billboards) are on the roadmap (#927) but will be post 1.0. So if you can wait, it will just work eventually.

For now the best approach is to listen to the scene preRender event and check scene.mode.


Awesome thanks for the replay, When is #927 scheduled to be released?

For now I guess I will write something that will convert them manually.

When is #927 scheduled to be released?

No scheduled date, but work will not begin until after 1.0 on August 1 - and could be a few months after that.