Temporarily disable image loading for multiple setView calls

I am writing a function to programmatically adjust camera pitch in response to user input (think about something like the pitch adjustment control in Google Earth). For instance, a user might click and hold down a button on my page and while the button is held down the camera pitch is adjusted in slight increments from -90 degrees to 0 degrees. I am calling Camera.setView repeatedly by calling it from within a setInterval callback function which runs quite frequently (say every 20 milliseconds) in order to provide a smooth motion while the button is depressed.

The problem I am having is that the animation of the scene is very irregular and slow because of the large number of tile requests being generated as a result of each change in the bounds of the scene. The flyTo function is much more optimized for this sort of animation, but since I don't know the ultimate destination, multiple setView calls seemed like the best option.

I'd like to be able to either disable the tile loading of the imagery provider or limit its maximum level so it wouldn't try to pull as many tiles during the animation. I'm using the BingMapsImageryProvider - though I assume this would be a concern with just about any provider.

I have also thought about using flyTo incrementally to allow my interval to increase, but I wasn't completely sure if it would help and I'd prefer to avoid the added complexity this would require.

Any ideas?