Texture pixel error

I added a 256*256 image to Overlay1 on the terrain, but if my image has a drawing pixel on the edge, then there will be one more pixel on the opposite side. It will appear up and down, left and right

Sorry, I’m not really following you. Can you explain the problem in more detail?

I used AttachRasterTile() to add a texture to the terrain tile,But I don’t know if the texture coordinates are wrong。The picture appears to be offset by one pixel。What’s even stranger is that such an offset occurs in all directions。

AttachRasterTile is not really meant to be called by users. But it’s used internally by the raster overlay system, which doesn’t have any “offset by a pixel” problem as far as I’m aware, so presumably your use of it is somehow incorrect.

This is the texture I used for testing,You can test it.
test texture

Ok so you’re using the translation and scale computed for some random raster overlay you also have attached to your tileset, and swapping in a different texture. You’ll get… something… doing that. Why are you doing that? What are you actually trying to accomplish? I have no reason to think Cesium for Unreal is misbehaving; it looks like you’re just doing something nonsensical with it.

I’m not modifying translation and scale.
I’m doing what I’m doing is I’m parsing the vector tile server, rasterizing and superimposing it on the terrain

This is the work I did before, you should have an impression

Right, so you’re effectively using whatever the raster overlay system computed for these values. What sort of raster overlay are you using? Is it your vector tile overlay? Or are you not using a raster overlay at all and are instead calling attachRasterInMainThread yourself? If so, what values are you passing it?

Basically, if you think you found a bug and want confirmation and a fix, you need to walk me through exactly what you’re doing, what you saw happen as a result, what you expected to see instead, and why you think what you saw is wrong and what you expect is right. So far, I don’t even have a clear picture of what you’re doing, nevermind what problem you ran into while doing it.

I rasterize vector tiles and overlay them on the terrain
I’m in attachRasterInMainThread and on my own attachVectorInMainThread prints translation and scale, the result is (0, 0, 1, 1)