Tick inside the floating pawn

The tick event in the floating pawn doesn’t do anything in the blueprints. You can test this by putting a print statement in the tick function. This should print something every frame. Is this intentional? Can this be enabled?

I’m having the same problem and am unable to perform certain animations because of it.

I’m doing mine in VR, and I just found another event that gets called every frame. If you happen to be doing VR, then you can create a new axis mapping by going to project settings > engine > input

It just so happens that the InputAxis LeftTriggerAxis event gets called every frame, so I just disregard the output and then use that in place of tick. It’s hacky, but I didn’t want to put my functionality into another actor that reads and writes from this one. That feels even dirtier to me.

This is fixed in the latest version (1.2.0)