'TileSelectionResult.KICKED' in 'QuadtreePrimitive.js'

Recently, I have been reading the source code of the Globe module.I found ‘TileSelectionResult.KICKED’ in ‘QuadtreePrimitive.js’, but I could not find ‘TileSelectionResult.KICKED’ in ‘TileSelectionResult.js’.The snippets of code is as follows:
// Mark the rendered descendants and their ancestors - up to this tile - as kicked.
const renderList = primitive._tilesToRender;
for (let i = firstRenderedDescendantIndex; i < renderList.length; ++i) {
let workTile = renderList[i];
while (
workTile !== undefined &&
workTile._lastSelectionResult !== TileSelectionResult.KICKED &&
workTile !== tile
) {
workTile._lastSelectionResult = TileSelectionResult.kick(
workTile = workTile.parent;
In my opinion, TileSelectionResult.KICKED should be replaced with TileSelectionResult.RENDERED_AND_KICKED. I need somebody to tell me whether my opinion is right or not, thinks!