TimeInterval with extra property

Hi all,

I have a custom DataSource updater which reads custom billboard images with intervals and also the phenomenonTime:

“billboard”: {

“image”: [


“reference”: “iconreliefsitesEvent#billboard.image”,

“interval”: “2018-03-15T10:57:16Z/2018-03-15T12:57:16Z”,

"phenomenonTime": "2018-03-15T11:57:16Z"




Processing the data packet and showing the images is not the problem.

My problem is with the intervals of the images that need to be updated on each new image.

For example, I have availabilty to the image#1 which goes from -1hour and +1 hour from the phenomenonTime. Then when I receive an image#2 I want to update the intervals of each of the nearby images based on the phenomenonTime and interval of the new one so they don’t overlap.

I would not be wrinting this if I was able to save the phenomenonTime of each image in the TimeInterval somewhere:

interval.data.moment = moment; ?

The problem is that this phenomenonTime information on the interval is lost after the processing is complete.

Is there a way I can keep the phenomenonTime on each image interval?

Your help would be much appreciated,


Hi Andreas,

You can use CZML Custom Properties to store other property data and access it later.