Timeline overlays

We have a feature to create ‘bookmarks’ on the timeline. Basically a time based note that the user could click on and view. Has anyone done anything like this before? Has there every been a feature requested for something like this? Any ideas on how to implement a feature like this?


I did the first part of the work here for this feature; you’ll notice the labels scroll by while the “shuttle” is static. I can add whatever I want to it.

I’m planning on releasing it open source soon, I will post a link when I do.

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You wrote a completely custom timeline? That’s what it looks like to me. Did you try to add overlays to the cesium timeline? I was thinking of trying to create some type of transparent overlay element with canvas with the bookmarks drawn into the canvas? Crazy?
TIA, Scott

No, not crazy, it’s fairly straightforward to do. Just create a DOM element / canvas, map a time series to the width (so you have a time unit to pixel ratio), then on drag or click set the clock to the time. Also subscribe to onTick for the clock to set the correct location for a shuttle, or in our case the ticks themselves.