Tips for Dealing with Pop-ins, LOD's & Streaming Efficiency

Hello Community,

I could really use help, perhaps I’m overlooking some links to information or videos, or you’ve discovered some things about LOD’s, streaming, and general efficiencies that will help the Google Tiles stream better through Cesium ION without large amounts of pop-in’s or loading like I’m experiencing. To the team, apologies if I’ve missed a place where it’s thoroughly documented.

I came across this YouTube video of a person using a superhero character to fly across the Google Tiles and it seems pretty smooth, I would really be happy if I could get mine that smooth.


There are some general performance tips here:

With the Google data, especially, it can also be helpful to turn on “Forbid Holes” mode. That won’t improve performance, but it may make for a better experience.

Thanks Kevin!!