Tips for increased performance?

Because of the way I’m rendering, I cannot cull based on frusta. With that in mind, is there anything I can do to better increase performance beyond raising the LOD? I’m fairly new to Unreal, so if there are small, general tweaks I can make that are obvious, I’d appreciate any suggestions.


For example, could disabling collision detection provide an improvement?

You can bring up something called the GPU visualizer by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+,
you can click on any of those boxes and it’ll show you what it taking longer to render. This will also help you see if the GPU is what is slowing things down, or if it’s something else.

This takes a snapshot of a single frame and it lets you see how many milliseconds each thing took to calculate. This also means that you can go somewhere else, bring it up again, and you’ll get different results.

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