To load assets completely offline

In the introductory tutorial, it is mentioned that loading assets completely offline is not very clear here. Do you have more specific instructions?

3D Tilesets, terrain, and imagery can be loaded from any server, including localhost. To load assets completely offline, consider setting up alocalhost to serve the data. The URL field can be filled withhttp://localhost:portNumber/path/to/asset .

We don’t currently have any more specific instructions. The specifics tend to vary depending on what type of offline data you’re using, where it’s coming from, and how you plan to distribute your application.

thank you for your reply!
I would like to ask another question, does Cesium for unity provide an interface for dynamically loading 3dtiles? For example: generate a 3dtiles file on the server side, and then load the .

I’m not sure if I understand the question. Cesium for Unity requests the tileset.json you specify in the Cesium3DTileset component’s URL field. And then it loads further resources references by that tileset.json. Whether those are static files or are generated on the fly is totally up to your server; Cesium for Unity doesn’t care. However, if your tileset is changing, you’ll have to call RefreshTileset to reload the whole thing. There’s currently no mechanism for incrementally refreshing individual tiles.