Trouble using colldata2gltf


I got a problem running collada2gltf to convert my own .dae file. So, to isolate the problem, I decided to try Cesium's own Cesium_Air3.DAE which is in Sandcastle's models to do the same thing. Here is what I did:

1. >collada2gltf.exe Cesium_air3.DAE
2. change the generated Cesium_air3.gltf to Cesium_air3.json.

Feed it to 3D models-Cesium's SandCastle. Then, rendering stopped with an error: Invalid indexDatatype.

What's wrong here. Please help. Thanks a lot.

Shirley Carter

Hi Shirley,

Have you tried the latest version of the model converter with Cesium 1.2?


Awesome. Download 1.2 and it works now. Thanks!