问题1:使用虚幻商城免费的Missile M26导弹,导入CesiumForUnreal工程中,粒子效果显示异常;
问题2:使用虚幻商城免费flight Su 33战斗机,导入CesiumForUnreal工程中尾部粒子不显示;

Translation from Google Translate:

Problem 1: Using the free Missile M26 missile in the Unreal Mall and importing it into the CesiumForUnreal project, the particle effect display is abnormal;
Question 2: Using the free flight Su 33 fighter jet in the Unreal Mall, the tail particles are not displayed when imported into the CesiumForUnreal project;
Question 3: Standard OGC protocols (WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS) are not currently supported by CesiumForUnreal?

I don’t know anything about those two models. Do you have reason to believe it’s something wrong with the Cesium plugin, instead of something wrong with the models? Do they work in projects that don’t include Cesium?

As for the OGC formats, Cesium for Unreal supports WMS as a raster overlay. It doesn’t support those others yet. WMTS and possibly WCS would be straightforward to add, WFS less so.


我所有项目都是基于cesium for unreal开发,目前sun sky的确存在导致粒子渲染异常的问题,你们可以测试一下,用别的光照可以避免该问题,但是别的光照和cesium for unreal匹配不是很好。

I have met the same problem, which should be caused by the high light intensity of CesiumSunSky. Should the default light intensity used by CesiumSunSky be the real light intensity? The intensity level is high. The particle effect works when I turn the light up to 10lux. I don’t know enough about this to explain the situation. But I wonder if this is normal or just a BUG. @Kevin_Ring

The CesiumSunSky is meant to be physically realistic. The sun is very bright. So it’s not a bug, but depending on your app it may be useful to turn down the brightness.

Does that mean that if I use physical reality, the reason I can’t see the particle effect is because it’s not as bright as it would be in physical reality, it’s too dark. Would it make more sense to modify the brightness of the particle effect to match the physical reality?

Yes, I think increasing the brightness of the particles is the right approach in most applications.