Umbra for Unity


How do I go about using tile sets from Umbra In unity? I am new to GIS data and their types. Registry of Open Data on AWS

Iā€™m not really familiar with Umbra or their data, but the datasets you linked to all appear to be satellite imagery. So I suspect the easiest path will be to downloaded the areas you need in GeoTIFF format and then upload that to Cesium ion for tiling. Then you can drape that satellite imagery over a terrain model, such as Cesium World Terrain. Use the Cesium Quick Add panel to log in to Cesium ion and then add a Cesium World Terrain + Bing tileset. Click the new game object, and change the asset ID under the Cesium ion Raster Overlay component to the ID of the asset that Cesium ion created when you uploaded the Umbra GeoTIFF.

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