Unable to add New York 3d tiles data

Hi I am using cesium for unity. I have created a new project and using default token try to add New York city data set to my scene, it created in hierarchy but never shows in the scene. Whats the issue?

Hi @AliJawad, welcome to the community!

Can you help us by providing more detail? In particular,

  • Do other tilesets show up? For example, can you add Cesium World Terrain from the Quick Add panel, and see it in your scene?
  • Typically, you can zoom to a tileset by double-clicking in the Unity Hierarchy. Have you tried this? If so, what happens?
  • On the Cesium3DTileset component, click the Troubleshoot Token button to make a troubleshooting window appear. Can you share a screenshot of that window?

Once we have this initial information, we can troubleshoot from there. Thank you!