Unable to get 3D buildings for certain towns/village

I came across this tech today and was excited by its potential to replicate the 3D detail typically seen in city buildings, but for villages instead. My aim is to recreate Rye, a quaint English town. Unfortunately, unlike Hastings—a nearby town with comprehensive 3D data—Rye only seems to have basic, block-like buildings available from OpenStreetMap (OSM), lacking the detailed 3D information I’m seeking.

The approximate latitude and longitude coordinates for Rye, East Sussex, in the United Kingdom are:
Latitude: 50.9487° N
Longitude: 0.7379° E

"I’m seeking guidance and would greatly appreciate if someone could steer me towards the right path, or even just confirm if my goal is currently unachievable. Any insights or suggestions would be immensely helpful.

Which tilesets are you looking at? Cesium OSM Buildings? Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles? Something else?