Using the cesium-sandcastle satellite velocity scroll wheel to change position of satellite instead


I took a look at the source/core ScreenSpaceEventHandler.js that corresponds to the mouse action on the satellite velocity and forward/backward direction adjustments.

Through which function is this wheel scrolling event related to the satellite velocity ?

In the same token can I change the wheel scroll into adjusting the satellite position instead?

Many Thanks!


Hello Victor,

I’m sorry, I’m not really sure what you are asking. Can you please give a little more detail?



Thanks Hannah,

Currently if I scroll the scroll wheel/knob on the left of the UTC time scale I can speed up the velocity of the satellite along an orbit.

What I intend to do is to turn the same scroll wheel/knob (or create my own) to change the position/location of the satellite along an orbit rather than its speed.
I suppose if I could link the scroll wheel control to the velocity (may be in the Transform.js ?) I may be able to make the modifications.

Many Thanks!


Hi Victor,

That control in the UI is actually changing the speed of the clock, isn’t not directly speeding up the velocity of the satellites. I’m not exactly sure what changes you would have to make to have it control the satellite position instead.


Oh I see thanks for the clarification.

As such those are actually satellite positions at sped up times. Thank you!