Using the Chrome browser to open Cesuim Demo in the virtual machine RTX6000 vgpu environment, whether it is passed through or split, the tab rendering crash problem will always occur

Using NVDIA RTX6000 vGPU(Or RTX 6000 Passthrough) in VDI environment and Win10 21H2

1、Open the Cesium Demo below URL using the Chrome Browser。
1.2、When opening this demo, check the “show shadows” option and try to add as much content as possible to consume over 6GB of VRAM.

  1. Observed vs Expected Behavior: The following error will appear during rendering.


3.There are no error messages in the Windows event log or the NV low-level driver.

From the response given by the NV engineer, it appears that this issue is caused by either Cesuim itself or Chrome. Assistance is requested to help resolve this issue.