VCTR drops FPS (when show = true)

Hi! I created vctr tiles, but when displayed (show=true) FPS drops. What can be optimized or specifically tuned for vctr?

Hi @Gleb_Dementyev,

vctr tiles are currently in experimental support. There are definitely improvements we’d like to make to both the vctr format and the CesiumJS implementation before we move to regular support.

Runtime performance is definitely one area of interest. Would it be possible to provide the tiles you have for troubleshooting?

Hi Gabby, thank you for your answer!
Here some Beograd, Serbia OSM

All details (and source) I have send to, if you want I can resend it to you.

Thanks @Gleb_Dementyev! I don’t believe that email is still active. Can you send it to instead?


@Gabby_Getz do you received my email?

Received! Thank you and apologies for the delay!

@Gabby_Getz thank you! I will wait for your reply!