Vricon 3DTilesets are not appearing in UE4 Scene Editor

The Vricon 3d Surface Models that are provided when you sign up for ceisum ion with a .gov or .mil email are not appearing in the level when adding them from the Cesium tab in the Unreal Engine Editor. I’m currently running Cesium for Unreal in UE4.26

All the other 3DTilesets provided with a Cesium ion account are appearing in the UE4 level editor.

Are the Vricon 3d surface models only compatible with Cesium Stories?

Hi @jack.melcher,

We’re still investigating, but I think there may be some situations where the Cesium ion UI built into Cesium for Unreal doesn’t use the correct token, and so you’ll get an error. I wrote an issue for it here:

Most likely if you delete the non-working tileset, sign out of Cesium ion from Unreal, reconnect, then re-add the tileset, it will work. Let me know if that works for you.


Hi @Kevin_Ring ,

When i first started using cesium, i was using a different cesium ion account tied to a gmail, before making a new account with my .mil email.

Now using the .mil email, I created a new UE4 project using the Cesium Sample Project from the Marketplace, signed into my Cesium Ion account, added some of the many Vricon 3D Surface models, and they did not render in the scene. I double checked, and the objects are using the correct token id.

I also then deleted the 3DTileset objects, signed out, signed back in, and added them again, and they still did not appear.

I also noticed that the Point Cloud Photogrammetry of Montreal and Melbourne provided with a new cesium ion account would not render in the UE4 scene.

The only Vricon 3D Surface Models that would appear when added to an UE4 level are the ones that are provided to all free Cesium ion accounts. “Vricon 3D Surface Model - Washington State”, and “Vricon 3D Surface Model - Washington DC”. All the 3d surface models provided after I verified my account tied to my .mil email do not render in UE4.

Hope this additional info helps,

Hi @jack.melcher,

Cesium for Unreal doesn’t support point clouds yet, so the Point Cloud Photogrammetry not working is to be expected, but the meshes (b3dm) should work well. I tried a couple of Vricon models yesterday and they worked correctly once I sorted out the key problem. Can you tell me the asset ID of one (or a few) that don’t work for you (that aren’t point clouds) and I’ll take a look?


Hi @Kevin_Ring

All the assets named “[City] - Vricon 3D Surface Model” do not render when placed in a UE4 level. Sample asset ids are: 154717 (Kabul), 142312 (Beirut), 97228 (Sichuan), 97225 (Moscow).

This issue is occurring with new projects and existing projects. I’ve cleared the level, signed out of cesium in ue4, signed back in, and replaced the tiles multiple times; and the issue is still occurring

Hi @jack.melcher,

I looked into this more, and it turns out these datasets are explicitly forbidden from being used outside of Cesium ion / Cesium Stories. It’s due to a restriction imposed by Vricon. So they will not work in Cesium for Unreal, or even CesiumJS for that matter. Sorry for the inconvenience!



Thanks for your help @Kevin_Ring