Google is making waves over the new-ish WebP image format. You can read their post here: http://blog.chromium.org/2013/02/using-webp-to-improve-speed.html If the compression is as good as they claim, this could help a lot for texture heavy Cesium applications and models. It might be fun to convert our current star cubemap textures to see how compression stacks up.

We’re definitively interested in something like for stars. How widely supported is it?


Unfortunately I don’t think Mozilla has decided to embrace it yet.



Google announced the format 2 years ago, and Mozilla balked at it initially, which is when that bug was file and closed. Google has recently switched over the Play store to use it, which is why they are making waves about it again. Firefox eventually implemented WebM, so I’m sure they’ll do WebP eventually as well, assuming it is as good as they claim.