What is the status for DTM1 Norway? (#9939)

November 2021 andreasbhansen posted this thread:

«Improve Cesium World Terrain with Norway’s 1m DEM/DTM»
Ticket: #9939

Any status regarding this? Would really appreciate DTM1, and I know many more would like this to happend. The data are available, and ready for you to use :slight_smile:

Hi Kim

We’re have the Norway 1m DTM tracked in our terrain datasets to update. We’re currently working on some backend infrastructure improvements for Cesium ion and don’t have a date for deploying a new update for CWT. What I can say is that when we make the next update to CWT, the Normal 1m DTM will very likely be included in that.


Thank you so much for a update regarding this matter :smile: We are looking forward to this, and use a even better DTM for better visualization, and to create height profile :star_struck:

Following. Looking forward to this data inclusion.