Why does Forbid holes not work

Hi, I am using Cesium for Unreal with my local service, and I want to use the option of " Forbid holes ".
But when I use it, it will show nothing. All the terrain and imagery are disappeared.

But I can use it if I use Cesium service, it works well.
Why can`t I use it when I using my local service? I really need your help.

Hi @ColeMan, welcome to the community.

This isn’t an issue I’ve seen before. My first thought is that there may be some issue with the parent tile. Are you able to share your tileset files with me so I can take a look? You can DM them to me directly if you don’t want to post the files here.

Can you test the imagery and the terrain separately? You can apply a locally-hosted TMS raster overlay to a tileset like Cesium World Terrain. If the imagery disappears when forbid holes is checked on Cesium World Terrain, that will be helpful to know.

Also, you can try testing just the terrain by assigning a basic Unreal material to the tileset. Let me know if the whole tileset disappears when forbid holes is checked even if you apply a basic material.


Hi Alex, thanks for your reply.
I followed your advice to test the imagery and the terrain separately. It is like what you said that the imagery disappears while the terrain can be showed.
So there should be something wrong with my imagery?I dealt the data with gdal2tiles on the QGIS. What should I do next?
(The imagery files are so big that I may not share with you, sorry for that.)
Thanks for your time.

Hi @ColeMan,

Thanks for checking - knowing that it’s the imagery only is very helpful. Can you open the output log (Window>Developer Tools>Output Log) and try to load the imagery again? Check if Cesium is producing any errors in that log, and if so, please post them here.


Hi Alex, it is sad that there is nothing useful in the output log.

I can only see this, it looks same as when it is normal.