2D Circle and Ellipse Entities Render at incorrect location upon loading webpage/map

For my project, I noticed that circle and ellipse entities render at the incorrect spot (same location for both of these at West Africa) although their coordinates aren’t as I have specified. After hovering over them, they eventually render to the correct location based on the coordinates that I have specified. Could someone please assist me and let me know whether this is a bug with Cesium? Thank you!

@matthew_toes Welcome here !
I’m also a beginner here. I would suggest you to create an example of sandcastle to easily understand the issue and quickly provide you solution.

I think it’s rendering issue. Execute this below code after creating an entity:


Let us know if it works or not.

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This does not work! Please provide other solutions, thank you!

No. You have to provide a Sandcastle example of what you’re talking about, and explain why what we’re seeing is wrong. We have no idea what you mean by “their coordinates aren’t as I have specified”, it could be anything from coordinate system differences (are you using WGS84? Cartesian or Cartographic? Have you got degrees mixed up with radians? Maybe you’ve got latitude and longitude mixed up? Maybe you’ve got height values that is fine in 2D but skew things in 3D?) to accuracy measuring (center point? Edges? Sizes?) to transformations (if you have any), and so on. Something is wrong? Then show us. Creating a Sandcastle and sharing it here is super-easy. And then we’ll help you till the end of the world!