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I am trying to upload my 3D model to the internet in cesium ion. but the model I uploaded is uncoordinated and the files are overlapping. How can I upload the model to the surver?

Kemal, can you explain a little bit more about exactly what you are trying to do?

  • What format is your data in?
  • Is the data already georeferences, or is it just a pile of models?
  • Do the models share a common origin, or do they each need to be placed individually?

Hello Matthew

How are you? Thank you for your interest and return.

  1. Files with *.obj extension from the oblique flight data we edited with the help of DJI Terra software are created in different folders. For example, all 7 folders produce a single *.obj model. It is very troublesome to create a single model, as the application only allows one to load the system. Is the method available for the whole model? (In the example, only two different parts of this model were loaded)

  2. Although these *.obj extension models we have received are coordinated, when we put them into the application, the model occupies a space in the space because the projection system does not recognize it, and it is very troublesome to place it in the right place. When we want to use this data, which we have produced with location sensitivity for the engineering solution, within the institution with the help of the cessium application, the solution will not be healthy because there is no location sensitivity. Is it possible to import the model including projection from such model files?

  3. When we import the *.las extension point cloud file that we produced with the help of the same application, the points are symbolically very high. That is, the symbology size of the point should be 1, but when we put it into practice, it is as if it is a size of 5, so the data does not belong to a healthy representation, do we have the opportunity to arrange it in the symbology parts?

Necessary examples and code samples of the uploaded files are attached. Thank you for your help,

Enjoy your work.

Matthew Amato via Cesium Community <notifications@cesium.discoursemail.com>, 20 Mar 2023 Pzt, 15:27 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

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Unfortunately I am unable to access any of the data you have tried to share with us. For the obj files, unless they share a common origin, there is no way to position them correctly automatically at this time. If they do share a common origin, then uploading all models to one asset should work as expected. If you can share the asset ID of what you’ve tried so far, we can do a more formal evaluation.

For las files, it sounds like you are asking about the size of the pixels? This is a CesiumJS configuration option and can be controlled in your application. See the Maximum Attenuation setting in this demo. It can also be controlled via 3D Tiles styles.



Thank you very much for the mail you sent. I did according to the link you sent, but I couldn’t do it again.I am also sending you the files that I have processed and created. Could you please create a 3d model from this file and shoot it on video and send it?Cesium ID:1596009 Screenshots of the products I created in Cesium are also attached. Thank you very much

Matthew Amato via Cesium Community <notifications@cesium.discoursemail.com>, 23 Mar 2023 Per, 15:42 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Do you have the original images?

Thıs ıs download link of 3d model files 


Nil Sicart Moragas via Cesium Community <notifications@cesium.discoursemail.com>, 25 Mar 2023 Cmt, 23:00 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Oh, yes I’ve seen the 3D files. I wanted to do some tests with the original images though


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@kemal I assume this data is the same problem as 3d model coordinate problem? There is no need to post multiple messages, I am downloading the data you linked above and will have a look. If you already uploaded data to ion and have an asset id for it, I can also check there. Thanks.

@kemal That download you shared was raw photos and not an actual 3D model. I noticed you shared an asset id of 1596009 above and took a look at the data from our side.

The obj data does seem to be set up in a way that I would expect it to work, but the current tiler does not have support for projections and assumes all data is in local coordinates.

The good news is we are actively working on a new tiler which includes projection support that will go live later this year.