3D Tiles unload while in camera view

Having an issue with 3D tiles using the google API where tiles unload while in view of a cine camera actor, this leaves a large gap on the screen. Any idea whats causing it and how I can fix it?

it seems like the tiles unload as soon as a part of them hits the bottom edge of the screen instead of unloading once the last part of them is out of view.

Incedentally, rendering to jpeg in the sequencer does not behave like this and seems to work fine and using the viewport is also fine, its only playing in editor that this happens.

So you’re viewing through the CineCameraActor in an Editor viewport? My best guess is that the aspect ratio of the CineCameraActor is different from the aspect ratio of the viewport. Cesium is using a view frustum based on one, while Unreal is rendering based on the other. Unreal unfortunately doesn’t give us very good access to this information. This often comes up in the context of actually rendering a movie with an unusual aspect ratio, and can be worked around by using the CesiumCameraManager. Details of that here: