How to manage tile loading

Hi guys
I have created a level with cesium using local map server (URL)
after playing game, every thing is nice in low altitude. but when I increased altitude, tiles getting vanish. see image below(look at the bottom of picture-tiles not loaded) from my cine camera view(my pawn has a cine camera):

(note: this issue appears only from this camera view - other cameras is ok)
so I pressed F8 button to see what has been rendered (out of pawn view):

my clear question is: how can I manage tile loading? or how can I ask loader to load more tiles (even 1 or 2 row more)

Is your camera associated with a player controller? By default, at runtime, Cesium for Unreal only uses cameras attached to player controllers to select tiles.

How can I do it?
I tried to attach my CesiumCameraManager to my pawn but it’s impossible

Yeah the CesiumCameraManager isn’t related to this. You said “my pawn has a cine camera”. Can you show us how that’s set up?

In the Pawn blueprint, I have added a cine camera:

then I dropped my Pawn to environment.

Hi @AlisonEngine ,

Do you think you can additionally show the “Details” window for your cineCamera1?

I’m specifically interested in the “Camera Settings” and “Camera Options” sections.

Hi @Brian_Langevin
thank you for your attention. here it is camera settings and camera options section from details panel:

I really get in trouble about this…

I found the problem. it refers to the cine camera sensor size, not Cesium.
cine camera sensor size does not match with what I expected. after I changed sensor width and height, I realized tile loading changing. then I set appropriate dimension for sensor.
thanks every one.