AirSim and Cesium for Unreal (clarifications on tile rendering)


I am using the AirSim plugin together with Cesium for Unreal. I don’t understand how the dynamic tile loading works. It seems that tiles are only loaded for the initial view but if I rotate the ‘drone’ or any of the drones cameras, tiles are not loaded.

I also added a FloatingPawn and select auto-posess by player 0 - but this did not seem to make a difference.

Any pointers or general clarifications how this works?


this is my test.

So you mean you do not have the issues I described?

OK, I had to disable culling to make it work.
It is actually mentioned in the documentation: Placing Objects on the Globe |

I do not have the issues your described.

I do not change anything, and i use Ceisum ion data: Cesium World Terrain + Bing Maps Aerial imagery, it can work correctly. Addition, rememer: the game mode you need to select AirSimGameMode.

hi yuan, did you get this running on Linux?

I am sorry, my workstation is windows. I didn’t do a try on Linux. And i think you can check out

Hey, for some reason, after around 100 meters flight in any direction, my drone jumps out of the globe and starts to fly into space, anyone know of a fix? Thanks.

Fixed issue by setting the Maximum World Origin to 1000000 in the CesiumGeoreference object.