A few questions

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I have a few questions:

  1. I am developing an open source flight sim. I will be using cesium ion for the ground scenery (including bing maps imagery). Am I clear of any legal issues to redistribute this flight sim once ready ?

  2. The default LOD system is not suitable for my project. When the camera rotates, there are always tiles loading which is a no go. I have 100mbps internet connection so that is not an issue. I have these options selected in World Terrain Actor

  • Preload Ancestors checked
  • Preload Siblings checked
  • Maximum simultaneous tiles loads = 500
  • Loading descendant limit = 500
  • Frustum Culling unchecked
  • Fog Culling unchecked
  • Enforce culled screen space error checked
  • Culled screen space error = 16
  1. I want the aircraft to be able to land on the runways (in this case bing imagery runways). Should I check the navmesh collision option ?

  2. I would like to use Microsoft building footprints instead of OSM. I would really appreciate if you can guide me through the process.

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  1. You should be fine. You’re allowed to use Cesium World Terrain and Bing Maps imagery as long as it is being streamed from Cesium ion / Bing Maps Service. Downloading the data (thus making a copy of that data) for offline use is not allowed in either case. Here’s Cesium ion’s terms of service and Bing Maps’ terms of service for more info.
  2. Try enabling the Forbid Holes option.
  3. You just need the “Create Physics Meshes” option enabled for collisions to work. If I’m not mistaken, the NavMesh collision option is meant for AI navigation.
  4. I’m not familiar with Microsoft building footprints. You’d have to give more information, but I can’t guarantee we can help with that.
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