Combining our own terrain data with i.e. Bing Maps

Hello, and congrats on an awesome plugin. I loaded a GeoTIFF of Norwegian DTM 10m terrain onto Cesium Ion, and downloaded them again as 3D tiles in Unreal. Works great!

Is there a way to combine that (now white) dataset with i.e. Bing Maps, as used by the Cesium World Terrain?

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Hi @Arkwiz ,

Thanks for using our plugin!

You should be able to go into the Cesium ion Assets window, search for “Bing Maps”, and add the correct imagery layer by selecting it and clicking Drape Over Terrain Tileset.

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That worked! For others who might find this, make sure there is only one terrain in the active level for the draping to target.

Or if you have more than one, just copy the Bing Maps component from the Details Tab of the first (mine was the Cesium world terrain) to the second (mine was my own DEM data uploaded and streamed from Cesium ion).

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Hello, it is so amazing, thank you for your work.
I need your help: where is the ’ Cesium ion Assets’ window?

Looking forward to your reply.

the same problem.
we need help!!!

Hello @sjx1017 and @wangcheng ,

The Cesium Ion Asset window is actually within the Cesium for Unreal editor. It will list the same assets that you see in your online My Assets page (the one you posted). The Cesium Ion Asset window should be open by default, but if it isn’t you can find it under Windows in the Unreal editor.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

When loading my own photogrammetry, the memory usage is close to 100%, and the video memory is not enough and the program crashes. But your sample data runs pretty well on my computer, and the program does not crash. Why does this happen? Is it because my model is too big (texture resource)? But it doesn’t look small with your example model, and my model can run normally on cesium.

Of course, if you have done relevant model optimization (if relevant business information is not involved), can you make relevant suggestions? Looking forward to your reply. thank you very much

Thank you so much, I found it at your prompt.
Do you have c++ interface and documentation for obtaining b3dm attributes.cesium