Camera not loading correctly

Hey guys! I’m working with cesium for unreal and I have this problem after BeginPlay

look at the bottom of the screen. It’s not loading correctly specially when I set my actor at a higher altitude.
Can anybody help me with this?

Hi @AlisonEngine,

Can you give us more details about your problem so we can troubleshoot?

  • What version of the Cesium for Unreal are you using?
  • What exactly is in your level? A screenshot of the World Outliner would help.
  • What latitude, longitude and height is your georeference set to?
  • Are you using the Dynamic Pawn, or a different camera? Can you tell us the world location that it is positioned at for this view?
  • It would help to have step-by-step instructions for reproducing this issue from an empty level.


Thanks for the reply!
OK, my Cesium version is 1.30.1 and my Unreal is 5.0.3
I have Cesium3DTileset, CesiumCameraManager, CesiumCreditSystemBP, CesiumGeoreference, CesiumSunsky, directional light, sky atmosphere and my pawn.

No I’m using my own pawn with a different camera.

and I’m not using Cesium online maps actually I’m using my own map server url.

Hi @AlisonEngine,

Thank you for your response. Are you able to upgrade to newer versions of both Unreal Engine and Cesium for Unreal? The plugin is currently on v2.2.0, and is available for UE 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3. We can help troubleshoot if you’re on those versions and are able to replicate your reported bug.

Otherwise, we can only provide limited help since we no longer support Unreal 5.0. :frowning:

I have explain the solution at the end of this thread : How to manage tile loading
So I close this one.
(it does not have any relation to the cesium and its version)