3DTiles of Shipbuilding

Hello , I’m developing 3DTiles for Shipbuilding industry.
The question is HOW TO ORGANIZE TILESET for BVH-like Ship model?
My approach is - for each Block

  1. Show External part at LOD0
  2. Additive Refinement for Primary Part at LOD1
  3. Additive refinement for Secondary, Tertiary part At LOD2~5

Is that approach reasonable? or am I missing something?
Thank you in advance.

// FYI, Ship is consist of Blocks, and its hierarchy is exactly same as BVH. for example
BVH-like Block Division
In a BVH-like block division, the ship is divided into progressively smaller blocks, starting from the largest level:

  • Ultra-block: The top level represents the entire ship, encompassing all the major components and systems.
  • Giga-block: The next level breaks down the ultra-block into larger sections, typically corresponding to main functional areas like the cargo area, machinery spaces, and accommodation blocks.
  • Block: The base level represents individual structural units or modules that make up the giga-blocks. These blocks are typically manageable in size for fabrication and assembly.